Monday & Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday       11:00 - 5:00pm
Thursday            11:00 - 5:00pm
​  Friday                 11:00 - 5:00pm
Saturday            11:00 -5:00pm
Sunday               11:00 -5:00pm​​​​

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About Deer Creek
Safety is our #1 goal
Deer Creek Shooting Range is a new public facility where you can shoot rifle, pistol, and shotgun. We are here to help you learn about firearms and firearm safety. We offer a lot of different services and hope as a new facility we will grow to be your home range. 
Like all ranges we do have rules and they are set in place to make this not only a great trip for you and your family but for our team as well.


  • Ear and Eye Protection Required

  • No Handlling of ANY firearms behind the Yellow Line

  • Cease Fire (when RED lights fllashing) STAY AWAY from shooting bench and all firearms

  • No holstered firearms on ANY Person

  • No smoking, vapes, tobacco chewing or spitting inside fence

  • Shoot only from lane assigned to YOU

  • No rapid fire (1 full second between shots) n o use of tracers, armor piercing, incendiary gas or explosive ammunition

  • Slugs only out of shotguns except in the trap lanes

  • No kneeling or sitting at the pistol ranges

  • Damage of property will result in fees                                                                                        
Baffle Hits $50.00 per hit / Frame Breaks $15.00

Pro Shop

In the shop we will carry targets, ammunition, ear and eye protection and anything you would need to shoot safely and accurately. 

The shop will also carry reloading components:
For Shotgun - Shot, primers, wads, powder
Rifle & Pistol- Bullets, primers, brass, powder

Powder brands will mostly be Hogdon and Alliant but upon request will be able to order most anything for your reloading and firearm likes. 

Primer brands are mostly CCI and Winchester though Federal does arrive at times.

If the shop doesn't have what you're looking for in stock please don't hesitate to ask, as orders are weekly and we are here to make you happy.​

Shooting Lanes

Deer Creek Shooting Range has 38 shooting lanes.
There are ten 50 yard rifle, five 100 yard rifle, nine 15-25 yard pistol, nine 3-10 yard pistol and 4 shotgun trap lanes.
The trap lanes are outside of the main facility. They are $10 a lane for all day. Rifles and hand guns are not permitted on the trap lanes.

Calibers allowed are anything under 50 BMG. However steel core, steel jacketed, any type of armor piercing, copper bullets and brass bullets are not allowed to be shot at the steel targets.
Slugs only out of shotguns inside the main facility. 6-9 Shot only allowed on the trap lanes.