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Wednesday       11:00 - 5:00pm
Thursday            11:00 - 5:00pm
​  Friday                 11:00 - 5:00pm
Saturday            11:00 -5:00pm
Sunday               11:00 -5:00pm​​​​

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Customer Reviews

Christopher P.

They have very reasonable range fees, considerate staff and some of the
best outdoor facilities around central Indiana. I now have a new
favorite place to spend a sunny day. 12,25,50 and 100 yard ranges!

James K.

Top notch range with very helpful staff. Range officers are courteous
and helpful. Robert is knowledgeable and very helpful also.
Competitive prices on Ammo and powder.
Great range. It's very clean, the employees are very professional and knowledgeable and it's very inexpensive.
The RSO's don't just stand around playing on their phones. They interact positively with the shooters. The format is a standard hot/cold range. You shoot for about 15 minutes then the range goes cold and you can go change/look at your targets. I didn't get a feeling of attitude from anyone.
The pro shop has a lot of commercial ammo at competitive prices. They also have reloading supplies and four reloading machines for their own ammo. Lots of powder and bullets.
While it's not "in my backyard" it's well worth the 40 minute trip. They have 5 yard to 100 yard target bays and you can shoot anything up to .50 BMG. There is a no rapid fire rule as well as no holstered weapons.
I would have no problems taking any of my friends or family here. They even have a free rental BB gun for the little ones to use.
Well worth the time and money to go here. I highly recommend it.

Dan V.

Erica H.

Very nice property and professionally ran with a nice sign in area with
everything you need for your shooting needs. This shooting range is
manage by two great guys with one of them who worked at the Atterbury
range and now running this range. They are hard working good guys here
and want to give you a good, fun, and safe experience shooting so let's
help them out and fill the lanes up with shooters!

Lee H.

Great facility, knowledgeable staff, awesome prices! You need to check this place out!

Rob R.

Today was my first time there...The place is phenomenal! Just go you won't be disappointed!

Very nice range!!!!!!! Great place to shoot. Very nice Staff.

John J.

First time there it was safe, clean, well organized and very knowledgeable staff!
Went to Deer Creek shooting Range today. The complex is very nice. All around clean place...brass gets picked up ever 15 mins. This range is by far the safest range I have ever been to. The way they conduct their safety rules is by far the best I have ever seen. The RSOs are out on the range with you Edward Jewell was working the line today doing a great good. Got to talk to the the man that runs the range Robert Murphy he's a really nice guy with an awesome amount of reloading supplies for sale in the building.
The range itself offers ten 50-yard lanes, five 100-yard lanes, nine 15-25 yard lanes and eight 3-10 yard lanes.

Charles K.

New range and a great place to shoot. Rob and his staff is a class act. Look forward to going back and shooting more there.

Keegan W.

The range is a top notch facility and the staff are very friendly. Rob,
the owner, is a great guy and always willing to go the extra mile to
either help you shoot, clear jams, or learn about reloading. Tons of
reloading gear and components available here too! Would recommend to

Scott A.

First visit today and could not be more pleased with this facility. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Very reasonable rates for range and supplies. Will definitely be back and also be recommending to family and friends. Thank you.
Had a blast out here today! Two of us shot for $9 and we were able to pick up some reloading supplies. Friendly staff, great following of range rules, and the steel targets are an awesome bonus! Will be back
for sure!

Greg B.

Great range! Very clean with helpful and friendly staff. Safety is maintained at a high level and I would highly recommend this range. If you are coming from Indianapolis it's and easy drive out 70 to 243. It would be hard to get lost.

Dennis G.

Very clean range. Staff is extremely friendly. Lanes are nice and targets are at several distances for pistol/rifle/shotgun. The shoot/prep time is a perfect mix to allow a smooth range session.
Safety is taken very seriously here, but they will not micro-manage every shooter. They are very accommodating to new shooters and veterans alike. A very pleasant place to shoot at affordable rates, and just several minutes drive out of Greencastle! They are still growing, but I enjoy a place that always strives to make your experience better!

Jessica J.

Great new range. The staff were extremely welcoming and friendly. Top notch facility with something for every type of shooting. This place is well worth the trip from terre haute.

Barry M.

This is a very nice gun range with a friendly and professional staff.
It's exactly what this area needed.
I recommend that everyone check this place out. It's worth the drive.

Friendly and helpful staff! Absolutely beautiful range, very very safe and the have steel targets!!!! I highly recommend you attend and I'll definitely be back!

Ty B.

Mark S.

Jerry H.

Brad C.